Hawke River

There’s something truly uplifting about catching your first fish. It’s patience being rewarded after a long wait. It’s being one with nature that surrounds you. It’s leaving everything at bay with only one thing on your mind. Located in Charlottetown, Labrador, Hawke River is renowned for its Atlantic Salmon, boasting some of the healthiest runs anywhere. It’s also the place to experience the true pure wilderness that surrounds the river.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned angler, you’ll find many opportunities for some great wet and dry fly fishing on both rivers, the Northwest Feeder and the Hawke River. Each day, you will travel from the main camp by boat to your respective beat and from there; travel up and down the river at your own free will. When hunger strikes, you can return to the main camp for lunch or “rough it” and have lunch on the river.

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