Booking, Rates and Availability

Booking time on great salmon rivers like Hawke River is often a matter of being patient and persistent.
 Our booking policy is quite simple, and awards our long-standing customers for their loyalty. Once you’ve had a chance to visit with us, you will be given the first option to book the same week for the following year (With the exception of a few spaces that have had to be held over due to Covid Travel Restrictions)

If you are a returning customer, you’ll have until September 15th to confirm your spot for the following year and will be required to make a 50% deposit by October 15th. After September 15th we will update the information below and new customers will be given the opportunity to book the available space. New customers will be required to make a 50% deposit when booking. Final payment is required by April 15th.

Deposit Policy

Once you’ve made your deposit you have committed to come on the trip. If for some reason you are unable to come, we will do our best to sell your spot and if we are successful, your deposit will be returned. If however, we are unable to sell your spot, the deposit will be forfeited.


Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

Payable to Hawke River Outfitters and mailed to
107 Farmers Dairy Lane, Bedford, NS B4B 2C9

Visa or MasterCard:

Please be advised that there will be a service fee on all credit card charges.

New Customers

Hawke Card#4-W.C 112Given that a large percentage of our customers will be repeat customers, we suggest that you pay close attention to our Available Dates Chart. This section of our website will be updated by September 15th to reflect what is available for the following year. After that, we will do our best to change the site as each booking is made so that our info is current.

Similarly, pay close attention to October 16th. Given that October 15th is the 50 percent deposit date, we will update the site on the 16th and you will be able to see if any additional spots are available.
We would also suggest that you stay in contact with us, as we will keep a waiting list that will be emailed should spots become available.

Prime Fishing Dates Available for 2023!

Date Species Availability
June 24 – June 30 Atlantic Salmon Fishing 1 ROD AVAILABLE
June 30 – July 5 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Fully Booked
July 5 – July 10 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Fully Booked
July 10 – July 15 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Fully Booked
July 15 – July 20 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Fully Booked
Jul 20 – July 24 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Fully Booked
July 24 – July 30 Atlantic Salmon Fishing 4 RODS AVAILABLE

Availability updated Jan 8, 2022. Please contact us directly for our most up-to-date availability.