Trip Planner


The lodge is equipped with an internet-based phone system and is available for the use of our guests. Should someone need to contact you during your stay, the number is 1-709-757-9483.
Heather’s cell phone number is 902-830-8593, However, most of the summer while in Labrador there will be no cell service. If you can’t reach Heather on her cell, please email her and she will get back to you as soon as she can. His email address is [email protected].

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses will be available at the Camp and are included in the price of your trip. The Newfoundland Government requires that we ask for ID when issuing Licenses, so please make sure that you have it available.


hawke 8 - CopyTipping is a personal matter, however it is one of the first questions people ask when looking for details on their trip. These comments are then given only as a matter of direction which you can choose to follow or not. It’s also important to remember that tipping should be based on service and that only you can be the judge of that.
For guides, we might suggest that an average tip would be about $50-$75 per day/ per guide/ per man. That would mean your tip for the guide for a 6 day trip would be in the range of $300 – $450 per angler. If you wanted to look at it in terms of a percentage, that would be about 6-7 percent of your trip price. Again, this is only a suggestion.

For the kitchen staff, we suggest an amount of $125 -$150 per angler for the trip. Our two kitchen staff will split whatever tips are given so no need to worry about which one you give yours to.

Hope this information helps and again, these are simply our suggestions on what has become the norm.